Aces – by Mychael Urban

If you read Moneyball by Michael Lewis – you may initially look at Mychael Urban’s book Aces as either the same book or some kind of argument against the points made in Moneyball. However – it’s really neither. While Moneyball is all about Billy Beane’s philosophy on how to build a baseball team, Aces looks at three of the personalities on that team in the final season of the Big Three – Barry Zito, Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson of the Oakland A’s.

It’s a in depth look at three very different players who share the distinction of being some of baseball’s most dominant pitchers. Mulder, Zito and Hudson differ in almost every way imaginable – physical appearance, approach to pitching, the way they react to adversity and much more.

Mychael Urban utilizes his position as a writer for to take you inside the clubhouse and into the minds of three of the game’s most talented pitchers. You’ll hear some of the discussions, the arguments, and the jokes that would otherwise never leave the clubhouse. It’s obvious that each of the Big Three trust Urban to tell their story honestly and truthfully – and he does just that in Aces.

From the cerebral Barry Zito, who looks for people to take conversations to new reaches, to the intensity and fire of Tim Hudson, to Mark Mulder, who has a coolness that comes off as being aloof to those around him, you’ll go as close as you can to these three amazing pitchers without having to put on a uniform every day.


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