Roadside Baseball – by Chris Epting

If you’re like me and planning some road trips this season, you’ll definitely want to pick up Roadside Baseball by Chris Epting. It’s a state-by-state look at baseball related sites that connect you with the game of years gone by.

The listings range from the obvious – stadiums and the Hall of Fame – to the more obscure, such as the site of Joe DiMaggio’s boat in Martinez, California or the bed and breakfast owned by Babe Ruth’s daughter.

Now if you’re not planning on leaving the northwest anytime soon – there’s still something in Roadside Baseball for you as well. Have you ever been to the Lowe’s on Rainier Avenue? Did you know that was the former site of Sick’s Seattle Stadium – home to the Seattle Rainiers and Seattle Pilots?

My only complaint about the book is that they didn’t list more baseball sites in Washington.

So if the open road calls you this summer, grab a copy of Roadside Baseball by Chris Epting and see what might be right across the street from where you’re going. You could find yourself walking on the same ground that Babe Ruth and the legends of baseball once played.


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