Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Blunders

Blunders. What a word – it’s more than a blooper – you know, those clips we see on the big screen at the game of outfielders running through the wall or players running into each other. Bloopers make you laugh.

Blunders are much bigger – you almost have to say they’re more thought out. But at the same time, if they were really thought out, they wouldn’t be blunders. Or would they? Sometimes, it’s the fact that the people committing the blunders thought that they had thought it out that makes it a real blunder! Unlike bloopers, blunders make you want to scratch your head and say why…why….why?

In his new book, Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Blunders, you’ll get a look at just over 50 of baseball’s biggest blunders over the past 90 years or so. And to answer your question – yes, the Mariners are mentioned in the book, although, not always for committing blunders. If you remember the 1995 playoff series against the Yankees, you’ll find out how the M’s were the beneficiaries of a blunder by Buck Showalter.

Now depending how far you go back, the book’s relevance to you will differ. Neyer starts off in 1917 – so you either have to know your baseball history, want to learn about it, or have been there to remember all the names involved. If you have a particular team that you follow, that will of course affect your interest in all the stories. But if you enjoy reading about baseball history – and in this case, the mistakes that owners and clubs have made, I think you’ll enjoy this.

I give Neyer a lot of credit for keeping the chapters short and easy to read. Most are between 3 and 5 pages, so you can get a quick read in without feeling like you have to spend at least half an hour with the book to make any progress. And since the chapters don’t depend on one another, you’re free to jump from chapter to chapter without feeling like you’re missing out on something critical.

Sometimes hilarious, often depressing, and always perplexing, Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Blunders is full of them.

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