The Baseball Uncyclopedia – by Michael Kun and Howard Blum

Whenever my buddy Neal and I go to a ball game, we always end up having these hilarious conversations about baseball – which turn into hilarious conversations about other things. It’s the same way that Michael Kun and Howard Bloom came up with the idea to write The Baseball Uncyclopedia.

Two guys on opposite sides of the country with a mutual love of baseball, e-mailing questions and observations back and forth – most of them with a humorous twist – until they had talked about enough things to write a book. Like what Moises Alou of the SF Giants does to keep his hands soft, or why a walk isn’t as good as a hit. Or what the best ballpark in baseball is.

This has quickly become one of my favorite books. You’ll easily pick up on the humor that these two guys share, and at the same time learn some baseball history. You might also be challenged to think about some things you thought were a certain way, when in reality they’re not necessarily what you thought they were.

The Baseball Uncyclopedia is highly recommended. I can’t imagine reading it and being disappointed. It’s an easy book to read without being overly simple and it makes you both think and laugh.

With the Baseball Book Review, I’m Pat Lagreid.

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