Throwing Bullets – by Roy Rowan

With the season in full swing and the draft just completed, I was interested in reading Roy Rowan’s new book – Throwing Bullets. It’s the story of two young pitchers in the Minnesota Twins’ minor league system chasing the dream of making it to the big leagues.

From the moment I picked up the book – I really wanted a fresh glimpse into the life of that ballplayer whose name we may never know until he shows up in a game somewhere, and the life that comes with fighting his way through the multiple levels of the minors. I kept looking for something that would endear me to a player and give me a new appreciation for the unglamorous life that is the road to the majors.

Unfortunately though, that never came. While the book does journal two Minnesota Twins’ prospects during the 2005 season – it ultimately becomes about getting the answer to the same question – “so, will he make it to the show this year?” And in case you’re wondering, the “he” is Francisco Liriano, who the Mariners have seen twice this year. He quickly eclipses the performance of Justin Olson, the other main focus, who as of last check was still battling his way in double-A.

While I can understand Rowan’s natural drifting to the more successful Liriano, he really never made me feel like I know anything special about this fireballing young left hander from the Dominican Republic. He seems like he could have quite a story to tell, yet it never happens.

Throwing Bullets is one of those could have been books, but unfortunately, never got deep enough to leave an impression.


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