You Never Forget Your First by Josh Lewin

With September upon us, we’ll see several new faces in each of the dugouts of the major league clubs, and among those new faces, several will be part of a big league ball game for the very first time – certainly a memorable moment in any ballplayer’s life.

Josh Lewin has compiled the memories of some of baseball’s biggest names for his latest book – You Never Forget Your First. In it, you’ll read how the first day in the show came about for Roger Clemens, Albert Pujols – even Edgar Martinez.

When I first got into the book – I thought it would be full of stories that would tug at the heart strings – a collection of emotions from relief and vindication, to eager anticipation and nervousness, even to sadness because a parent or spouse couldn’t be at the first game.

And while there is that in the book, it gets condensed fairly tightly. Each of the 120 players profiled only gets 2-3 pages each, half of which is a short bio on him, and a reprint of the box score from the game, leaving less than a half page for the player to tell his story. I can only imagine some of the details that got left out.

Nevertheless, it’s still a fun book to read – simply because the stories can differ so much, and it gives you a little more insight into your favorite ball players.

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