The Knucklebook by Dave Clark

When I was a kid, my uncle Ted used and I used to play catch, and every once in a while he’d slip in a knuckleball. Dancing through the air, it both fascinated me and made me laugh at how it moved unlike any other pitch.

Author Dave Clark shares my love and fascination for the knuckler, with his new work The Knucklebook.

It’s basically everything you’d want to know about the knuckleball – its history, how to throw it, how to hit it, how to defend it, and how to coach both for and against it. All this is just over 120 pages.

If you’ve ever thrown or caught a knuckleball – and share in the fascination of this unique pitch, I think you’ll enjoy this book. It elaborates on it in several ways, without being long winded, and shows some aspects of the knuckler that you might not know of.

If you want to learn more about the knuckleball, check out Dave Clark’s website dedicated to the spinless pitch at, or his book at

With the Baseball Book Review, I’m Pat Lagreid.



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