Dropping the Ball – by Dave Winfield

Hall of Famer Dave Winfield believes that baseball is in trouble, which can be hard to believe when you consider that revenue is at an all-time high, attendance at games is strong and the reach of baseball around the world grows every day. But to Winfield, there are some significant problems that unless corrected, will knock the foundation out from under the game.

In Dropping the Ball – Winfield presents his Baseball United plan – unilateral plan that calls on owners, players, the league, and fans to band together for the good of the game.

Winfield examines several hot-button topics in baseball – the steroid scandal, the decline of African-Americans in baseball, self-centered superstars, constraints on Little League facilities and resources, and competition from other sports – and through his Baseball United plan shows how baseball can survive when all invested parties come together.

The crux of the book is both its best and worst part — Winfield’s Baseball United plan seems to be totally feasible. Then you realize that you’re talking about billions of dollars at stake, and that there’s the human factor, which almost always seems to complicate things. It leaves you with a debate to wrestle with, to say the least.

Dropping the Ball is an engaging read that will open your eyes to both the problems and solutions that baseball must address. If you care about the game and want future generations to enjoy the game as much as you do, I recommend you read it.

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