The Bill James Handbook 2008

The Bill James 2008 Handbook

Reviewing a book such as The Bill James Handbook 2008 is a tough job – mainly because so much of it is statistics that aren’t really grounds for review. There are only a few pages of articles and opinion — so that’s what I’ll focus on.

By far the most interesting and progressive part of the book was James’ section on which teams have the best young talent – and who the most talented young players are. James takes on the challenge of placing a value on youth in a quest to name the best players under age 29. His Young Talent Inventory is certainly something that every baseball fan should take a look at – as the results will surely spark debate in your circle of fellow seamheads.

The real question is what will you do with this book? While James is known for producing some great analysis of baseball – he challenges you to do the same by providing you pages and pages of data to draw your own conclusions from. If nothing less – I think it would be fair to say that he hopes you’ll become a more engaged and aware fan by having a concise resource to reference.

If you’re not a fantasy baseball player, you may dismiss this title as something that doesn’t need to be on your bookshelf. However – if you’re in to having information at your fingertips – regardless of your involvement in a fantasy league – this should have a spot within arms reach.

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